Jen Anderson

Co-Writer/Producer/Composer/Property Master/Wardrobe Supervisor/Webmaster

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Jen Anderson is terrible at most of the things that go into making a movie.  Contributing to and positively interacting with a team while tired and hungry, the doggedly long hours, the patience, having to have a positive and flexible attitude when nothing is going right, etc.  she's really just terrible at all of that. But Gabe isn't.  And since he had the important stuff covered, Jen was able and happy to contribute where and what she could to make entropy a reality, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Wine fueled script rewrites

  • Buying props and set pieces that she could easily see in her house after filming

  • Constant and very loud budget monitoring

  • Contributing music for the film (although she is not a musician: "Hey Gabe, for this piece, I held down e flat for 30 minutes and banged on the mic with a box every once in a while.  You like it?!  Excellent.  I call it 'Oh God, Why Would Someone Do This'.")

To sum up, Jen is terrible at most of the things that go into making a movie, but she's excellent at supporting and loving her talented husband.