Nicole Harbeck

Actor ("Nicole")



Nic Harbeck makes her acting debut in Entropy. She arrives on screen with experience in modeling and various print projects. Nic brings to this work her background in clinical psychology with specialization in spiritual depth psychotherapy. Having auditioned as a part of an experiential exploration for a course in her masters program, she couldn’t be more electrified to have become an “accidental actress.”

Jersey-born, Ohio-raised, Nic’s sense of adventure led her to spend a few years in San Francisco and she now resides in Santa Monica. Her life feels “fortunately enhanced” by digging in the garden, creative cooking, all the concerts, yoga, biking, and anything involving salt water and travel.

Nic finds this acting opportunity an enriching challenge of the mind, body, and spirit through the exploration of interpersonal and intrapersonal exchanges in the face of universal existential questioning.